Physical treatment

STD/STI Prevention Program:

BDATRC has taken multiple strategies to control and prevent sexually transmitted disease and infections. A vast range of disease like Hepatitis A, B and C (HbS Ag1, HbS Ag2, HbS Ag3) specially transmitted by ID users are under consideration for treatment and prophylaxis. The program includes both treatment and awareness counseling activities. Related organizations like WHO, UN and USAID have already the cooperation with it. The centre initially deals with the affected individual and group and provides necessary treatment support and pretreatment measures. Project work at field level has been under strategic planning. Patient with Lever Cerosis due to severe drug abuse are prior.     


HIV/AIDS Prevention Program:

With the emerging challenges for the People who Injects Injective Drugs (ID), BDATRC started HIV prevention program in 2009 as a strong component of BDATRC. From the commencement, BDATRC took and grounded  different types of programs including those for awareness and capacity building, SDI/STD services with necessary materials promotion, BDATRC undertook interventions to restrict Needle sharing, abscess management, general health services, health education, family planning and day care services including outreach, counseling etc. BDATRC also an in-country pioneer in IEC/BCC material development and distribution service to marginalized IDs and their partners along with need based interventions, research & advocacy to prevent HIV/AIDS with the support of a  number of development partners, for all in general and especially for targeted high risk population.

Common disorders due to drug abuse: