About Us


Background: Bhawal Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center started its journey in 2009 with the view to remove drug addicted population and to create awareness about the adverse affects of drugs from the society. The organization started initially with the process of Natural Detoxification followed by Drug related anti-narcotics counseling. The view was to determine physical ability of addicts as well as mental development against drug for the addictive behavior. It is considered that individual with drug addiction problem usually deteriorated of social behaviors and manners. Addiction, to many extent requires anti-social activities for addicted person as it is cost effective and its trade or usage is illegal and prohibited. To fulfill personal and economic urge, addicted peoples become violent and show sheer behavior. The organization thus rectified and sited on prophylactic therapy for individuals and community. Recently the organization has got the affiliation and the legal basis from the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.


To ensure the social equilibrium against drugs, the organization is now working in vast field and spread its activity in multipurpose objectives. The principal objectives are as follows:

     To provide effective treatment support for the physically and mentally abrupt peoples for chronic and acute drug addiction problem for related recovery.

    To establish drug and other narcotics free society and to improvise the attitude of the country both nationally and internationally.

    To create individual, social and national level awareness to restrict the abuse of drug and other narcotics.

    To deliver necessary training and support to rehabilitate the addict person for his/her reestablishment.

   To create consciousness for the reduction of narcotic substance abuse, STD/HIV/AIDS and other related problem among all.

      To advocate exclusively for supportive policies for the people affected by drug abuse, STD/HIV/AIDS, mental health and other related issues.

    To develop necessary knowledge base on drug abuse, STD/HIV/AIDS and other mental health issues by social and scientific research and projects.