Bhawal Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (BDATRC) is one of the pronounced treatment and rehabilitation organizations for the substance abusers specially drug and other narcotic substances. The organization has got the legal basis as it is approved and affiliated by NCD (Narcotic Control Department) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Being a government affiliated organization; it has got the legal basis to deal with the patients under Government legislation and has got the true foundation to provide effective service for the patients in drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation aspect. The organization works under the vision of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) international program which is based on learning and exercise of protective mechanism against drugs. The program includes treatment and counseling followed by rehabilitation in the society. Patients are initially taken under natural detoxification and then are taught, and counseled. The final stage contains different types of skill training according to the urge of social demand so that individual can have the ability to re-establish his/her own career. BDATRC hence not only recovers patient’s psycho-physical state but also helps in the career development. Considering the socio-economic condition of the whole country BDATRC offers very much cost effective support system for peoples of all class. The treatment procedure consists a four month procedure in which first three months is provided the basic NA program based teaching and learning along with a follow up program for next one month. BDATRC is open for all guardians of different stratification of the society.